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Painless Grammar

The Arabic Root System

The key to understanding Arabic grammar is through understanding the root system. Once you understand how roots work, you can start to identify patterns in the words and then form the various structures based on the patterns and, with logical reasoning, know how to pronounce words correctly and understand the meaning of new vocabulary.

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Cultural Awareness

Personal Space

Saudis feel comfortable standing close to one another when together. Even within public, i.e. at the mosque, in a queue, shopping, etc people are a lot more comfortable with being in close quarters. Between sexes the distance is however much greater with men generally avoiding eye contact with women who are not related to themselves. It also very common for men to walk holding hands. This has no sexual connotations.

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Lesson 1

Fun Facts

New Letters - bā’, tā’, thā’
New Letters - nūn, yā’
Short Vowels - a, i, u
Joining Together bā’, tā’, thā’
Joining Together nūn, yā’
Adding Vowels to Words
Introduction to shadda and sukūn
New Vocabulary

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Arabic Literacy Program

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