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Welcome students!        !مرحبا يالطلاب

Although the Arabic language library is currently looking empty, we are working hard to get more learning materials uploaded here to help you learn this beautiful world language. So please bookmark this site and keep coming back to see what we have for you!

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Arabic Language Newspapers

أراب فاينانس (Arab Finance)
Cairo, Egypt

Grammar References

Indefinite Articles

Arabic does not have an equivalent of the English a or an as in a book and an apple. The word is simply written by itself

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Vocabulary Search

mustache - شنب (shanab)
animals - حيوانات (Hayawānāt)
girl, daughter - بنت (bint)
animal - حيوان (Hayawān)
houses - بيوت (buyuut)
mustache - شارب (shārib)
house - بيت (bayt)
door - باب (bَāb)


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