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Painless Grammar

These three words in Spanish are pretty much all you need to indicate what belongs to whom. They remain the same no matter what the gender may be. Take a look:

mi - my
     mi libro - my book
     mi carro - my car

tu - your inf
     tu casa - your house
     tu computadora - your computer

su - his / her
     su gato - his / her cat
     su iPhone - his / her iPhone

su - your for
     su doctor - your doctor
     su hijo - your son


     Mi amigo es guapo. - My friend is handsome.
     ¿Dónde está tu libro? - Where is your book?
     ¿Es su niño? - Is (this) your child/boy?
     Su carro está allá. - Your car is over there.


Spanish has two question words that can translate as "what" and make translation a bit tricky at times. But there is a way that can clear up some of the confusion:

When you’re asking a question that has only one possible answer (a definition, fact or piece of well-known information), you'd use the word qué.
    ¿Qué es esto? - What is this?
    ¿Qué significa “bailar”? - What does “bailar” mean?

The word cuál is used when the question requires a selection or some personal information.
    ¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? - What is your phone number?
    ¿Cuál es tu restaurante favorito? - What is your favorite restaurant?

Keep in mind that number (singular or plural) will will affect other parts of the sentence. If what you’re asking about is in the plural form, you’ll have to use cuáles instead of cuál.


In the present tense, hacer (to do/make) has an irregular yo form, otherwise it conjugates like a regular -er verb.

yo hago - I do
tú haces - You do inf
Ud. hace - You do for
él/ella hace - He/she does

nosotros hacemos - We do
vosotros hacéis - You do inf
ellos/ellas hacen - They do
Uds. hacen - You do for


Table of Contents

1. Getting to Know You

    » What is your name? (1)

    » What is your name? (2)

    » What is your nationality?

    » Where are you from?

    » Where do you live?

    » What is your address?

    » What do you do?

    » How old are you?

    » Are you married?

2. Describing People and Places


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