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Social Etiquette and Customs

Meeting and Greeting

In a social situation, women pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder, rather than shake hands. They may also give each other a kiss on the cheek. If a woman is greeting a man, she may offer her cheek, on which the man would give a quick kiss.

Men will shake hands until they know someone well, at which time they progress to the more traditional hug and light back slapping. Wait until invited before using a Mexican's first name until they invite you to use it. And don't be offended if they address you by your last name without a title.

Gift Giving

If invited to a Mexican's house, bringing a gift such as flowers or pastries are appreciated. Of course, the children will always accept candies, chocolates or any other sweet. There is no certain protocol as to how a gift is wrapped - they are opened immediately on receiving. If you receive a gift, open it and react enthusiastically.

If you're giving flowers, do not give marigolds as they symbolize death. Red flowers have a negative connotation attached to them, too. Your safest choice would be white flowers as they are considered uplifting.


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