The Rosetta Stone Challenge

The purpose of this book is not to teach you everything about the Italian language, but to introduce you to it. By learning Italian through the use of cognates with English, you will have a big headstart before you go on to formal language learning through classes or other means.

By the time you finish this book, you will have a clearer understanding of Italian and be ready to tackle any lesson materials.



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  Italian Alphabet

1. Introduction To Nouns

2. Words You Already Know

    a. Check Yourself

3. Introduction to Articles

    a. Definite Articles

    b. Indefinite Articles

    c. Check Yourself

4. Plural Nouns in Italian

5. Plural Articles in Italian

    a. Check Yourself

6. Introduction to Adjectives

    a. Adjective Placement

    b. Adjective Agreement

7. Italian Verbs

    a. The Present Tense

    b. The Past Tense

    c. The Future Tense

Improving Your Skills

   • Listening Strategies

   • Speaking Strategies

   • Reading Strategies

   • Writing Strategies

Available for download
March 2019

Print versions will also be available

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