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Where are you from?

Di dove sei
Di dov’è
Da dove viene

Formal Use

     Da dove viene? - Where do you come from?
     Di dov’è? - Where are you from?

Informal Use

     Da dove vieni? - Where are you from?
     Di dove sei? - Where are you from?

To Reply

     Vengo da... - I’m from
     Sono di... - I’m from...

Painless Grammar

Asking questions in Italian is really easy: it's just a matter of tone. Basically, there are no differences the word order. Simply place a question mark at the end of the statement and raise your voice in a questioning tone at the end.

     Io ho una bicicletta - I have a bike.
     Io ho una bicicletta? - I have a bike?

Using Question Words

In sentences which begin with questions like 'where', 'what', or 'who', there is a rule to observe - The subject is placed at the end of the sentence.

     Dov'è la mamma? - Where is my mother?
     Che cosa fa Paolo? - What is Paolo doing?
     Chi è la tua amica? - Who is your friend?


Essere is an irregular verb in that it does not follow a predictable pattern of conjugation.

Note that the form sono is used with both io and loro

    (io) sono - I am
    (tu) sei - you are
    (lui) è - he/she is
    (Lei) è - you are formal

    (noi) siamo - we are
    (voi) siete - you are
    (loro) sono - they are
    (Loro) sono - you are formal


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    » Where are you from?

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