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What is your name? (1)

Come si chiama?


     A. Come si chiama?
     B. Mi chiamo [...]. E Lei, come si chiama?
     A. Io sono [...]

Painless Grammar

A reflexive verb describes an action that you perform upon yourself, or involves a change of some sort. Reflexive verbs are shown in dictionaries or vocabulary lists with -si attached to the end of it (the -si part is called a reflexive pronoun).

To use a reflexive verb in Italian, take the -si ending and place it at the front of the verb:

    chiamarsi (to call oneself) → si chiamar

Then change the reflexive pronoun according to the subject of the sentence:

    mi chiamar - to call myself
    ti chiamar - to call yourself inf
    si chiamar - to call yourself for
    si chiamar - to call himself/herself

And conjugate the verb itself according to the rules of conjugation:

    mi chiamo - I call myself
    ti chiami - you call yourself inf
    si chiama - you call yourself for
    si chiama - he/she calls himself/herself


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