Languages Are In Demand

And you hold the key to success!

Do you speak another language? In nearly every field and profession, from financial services to sales, there is a growing need for multilingual candidates. Any company that conducts business overseas is always looking for bilingual workers, or people with the ability to speak and communicate in more than one language.

I did a keyword search on CareerBuilder.com using the words "bilingual", "multilingual" and "language", and I found more than 4,500 job postings seeking applicants with some sort of foreign language skill.

Speak Up!

Tell employers up-front that you have the ability to speak two or more languages. If they do not have an immediate need for your linguistic capabilities, it may encourage the company to expand their demographics, making you a valuable asset.

Be honest, though. If you just had a couple of semesters of a language in high school or college, use the phrase "knowledge of...". Never overstate or understate your expertise.